The Antonio González Suárez Regional Bilingual Elementary School is a public specialized elementary school, in the western town of Añasco, Puerto Rico. The school has a bilingual curriculum from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade, and serves approximately 350 students from all over the western region of Puerto Rico, from municipalities like Añasco, Mayagüez, Aguada, Aguadilla,  Rincon, Moca, San Sebastian, Cabo Rojo, Hormigueros among others.

The school has its main facilities on Street 402 Km. 6, close to downtown Añasco. In addition, Kindergarten services are housed in an Annex located on Street 109 Km. 1.6 in Downtown Añasco.

Students of the school have access to a Library, Computer Room, Social Worker in addition to 15 academic classrooms. More than 20 bilingual teachers provide instruction at our school, which was the first fully bilingual public school in Puerto Rico.

AGS Regional Bilingual School

AGS Regional Bilingual School

AGS was founded in 1996 with the mission of providing the highest quality bilingual education to both students from the area and those recently entering the education system from outside Puerto Rico. Our curriculum is established, enriched and evaluated according to the needs and interests of the students.

Our school is governed by a School Council, composed of representatives from each of the basic components of the school and community, as well as by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. As a public school, the serviceres provided by us are free of cost.

Our beliefs

At AGS we believe that:

  • All school and community components effectively contribute to the education of the students; therefore both school and community resources collaborate to meet the students’ necessities.
  • Self-evaluation is a constant developing process; therefore, we continually analyze our performance and the efforts to improve, adjusting each as necessary.
  • Every human being can learn; therefore we stimulate the intellectual growth of our students and employees.
  • School is the testing ground of the health democratic living of the community and society; therefore we stimulate, provide and value the participation of the community in the decision making process.
  • The School Director, Faculty and School Council are capable of leading the school; therefore we support the school’s autonomy.
  • In Puerto Rico, there are social, cultural, intellectual, technological, economic and political reasons that demand the use of both Spanish and English.
  • Daily, there are students that enter the education system, with linguistic and communication limitations; therefore, our school provides a familiar environment where language is not a limitation for the student’s integral development.
  • Students can develop as bilingual citizens, capable of communicating in both languages, in school, and in the future as part of society and their workplace; therefore, we work to create a globalist individual that transcends social, industrial, commercial and technological barriers.