Antonio Gonzalez Suarez

Antonio Gonzalez Suarez

Antonio Gonzalez Suarez

Don Antonio Gonzalez Suarez was born in the town of Manati on May 15, 1881. His parents were Don Juan Gonzalez and Isabel Suárez, from Calda del Rey, Spain and Canary Islands, respectively.

From Manati, the family settled in Añasco where Isabel Suarez served as a teacher for many years. Antonio came small to Añasco, where he receives his primary school education. At the University of Puerto Rico he won the title of  and Teacher, practicing for little more than five years.

He married his second wife, Dona Maria Chapel Frieria, with whom he had: Mary Elizabeth, Esther, Antonio José, Juan and Ruben. He studied at Harvard University, where he improved his profession.

Dedicated to politics, he was advised by veteran politician Francisco Figueroa. As part of the Town Government, he served as treasurer from 1914 to 1919.  On the latter year, he became mayor for a brief period.

As candidate for the elections of 1924, he prevailed as member of the Unionist Party. From the “People’s House”, from 1924 till 1928, several important projects were constructed such as the Aqueduct, the Market Square, the Town Hospital, new power lines and the expansion of the Isabel Suarez School. In 1928 he was elected to the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico representing District 15 of Añasco.

On 1930, he passed away unexpectedly while giving the eulogy for his friend Francisco Figueroa. The departure of Mr. Gonzalez Suarez left the town in disarray. When the school building adjacent to the Francisco Figueroa Public Housing Project was built, in recognition of his works, in benefit of the town, the school was named Antonio Gonzalez Suarez.

Edited biography taken from the book  ’Añasco and its men, 1475-1893′ by Jaime A. Carrero Concepcion.