Rules and Regulations

The Antonio Gonzalez Suarez School is governed by its constitutive letter, all Department of Education Circular Letters, by the General Student Rules, and by the AGS Student Rules.

Constitutive Letter

The purpose of the Constitutive Letter of AGS is to establish the compromise between the School Council and the Department of Education. The document includes the accords for the functioning of the school, upholds the teaching, administrative and fiscal autonomy of the school. It also includes the beliefs of the school and its components, as well as its mission, vision, objectives and goals.

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DE Circular Letters

Circular letters set the public policy of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and its school.

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General Student Rules

The General Student Rules of the Department of Education establishes the norms, procedures, rights and obligations of the students in the system. It establishes an educational environment so that students develop a sense of responsibility for learning, and work, as well was a sense of respect for all members of the school community.

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AGS Student Rules

The AGS Student Rules set the rules and procedures for students at our school, with the goal of maintaining a scholar environment that fosters learning in a bilingual environment.

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