Because of the rigorous academic environment at our school, students must apply in order to be enrolled. The application process consists of filling the application form, turning in the required documents and completing an admission test to be administered by the school.

Parents must make sure to complete all required steps in order to successfully apply for admission. Students who come from one of the 50 states are given priority in admission.


  1. Fill out the application
  2. Turn in the required documents
  3. Be assigned a date for admission test
  4. Receive notification of test results and admissions decision, be it admission, wait list or denial.

List of required documents

Verification Form of Birth Certificate and Social Security Number
(Originals; must be turned in person)

  • P-VAC3

(Original & copy, Green or cream colored document; must be turned in person)

  • 2 Photos

(2”x2” format recent headshot of the student, without make up, costumes or any other person in the picture)

  • Official Transcript from school of origin / Academic Progress Report

(Head Start Students must bring copy of the Register Infant Progress and Planning Form; Students applying to grades 3 to 6 must provide a copy of PPAA Scores)

  • Academic Grade Progress

(Must be of approved classes; if and when the student is admitted, the remainder of the progress report must be provided)

  • Consent for Admission Application Form

(From the student’s parent and/or legal tutor; must be turned in person or scanned and emailed with signatures)

  • Return evidence

(From the United States or other country)

  • Evidence of student’s need of special aid or accommodations during Admission Test

(According to Congressional Act 117 – “No Child Left Behind Law”, you must provide evidence of the student’s needs for special consideration or accommodation at the time of the administration of the admission test)

  • Two (2) envelopes

(Letter size, with stamps; must be turned in person)