Required Documents

Verification Form of Birth Certificate and Social Security Number
(Originals; must be turned in person)

  • P-VAC3

(Original & copy, Green or cream colored document; must be turned in person)

  • 2 Photos

(2”x2” format recent headshot of the student, without make up, costumes or any other person in the picture)

  • Official Transcript from school of origin / Academic Progress Report

(Head Start Students must bring copy of the Register Infant Progress and Planning Form; Students applying to grades 3 to 6 must provide a copy of PPAA Scores)

  • Academic Grade Progress

(Must be of approved classes; if and when the student is admitted, the remainder of the progress report must be provided)

  • Consent for Admission Application Form

(From the student’s parent and/or legal tutor; must be turned in person or scanned and emailed with signatures)

  • Return evidence

(From the United States or other country)

  • Evidence of student’s need of special aid or accommodations during Admission Test

(According to Congressional Act 117 – “No Child Left Behind Law”, you must provide evidence of the student’s needs for special consideration or accommodation at the time of the administration of the admission test)

  • Two (2) envelopes

(Letter size, with stamps; must be turned in person)